Privacy Policy

Last Update: November 28, 2023

The use of the HYPOLAKE services is subject to the provisions of the clauses that follow, and obliges all users to comply with them and fully accept them, and failure to comply with them can lead to judicial and extrajudicial consequences, so read them carefully because when registering and subscribing to the service, you declare that you are fully aware of the terms of these usage policies and accept all of them without any restrictions, and you will not be able, in the future, to say that you did not know them;


The services will be offered to the general public by AIRSTRIP S/A., a legal entity governed by private law, registered with the CNPJ under number 13.597.093/0001-25, headquartered at Avenida Eusébio Matoso, 690, Pinheiros, São Paulo , SP, CEP 05423.000, and refer to an internet application aimed at analyzing and monitoring the performance of campaigns with influencers and digital profiles of the social network Instagram, TikTok and integration with Google Analytics, through the extraction of data released by Instagram and TikTok by through the API, allowing the USER to analyze, plan and manage their marketing strategies in general and their team of influencers;

We provide an integration with Google for two proposals:

1 – When you sign up for or use our Services, you voluntarily give us certain Personal Data, including: Your name, surname, email address, and access token. If you log into Hypolake with a Google account, we will ask permission to access basic information as well as read Google Analytics from that account. Your name, surname, e-mail address, image url and access token will be stored on our database. You can stop sharing that information with us at any time by removing Hypolake’s access to that account.

2 – If you create a campaign with Google Analytics integration, we will list your goals and save on our database the ID of your selected goal. Extra data, like, number of conversions and its own monetary value may be stored on the database to avoid exceeding limit ratings on Google APIs and keep the application performative. This information may be stored until you decide to delete your campaign or account.

Instagram Data Collection (Connect)

By giving consent to connect your Meta account to Hypolake, you grant us permission to access and read the following data from your Instagram profile: Basic Profile Data:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Profile picture
  • Bio

Media Data:

  • Interactions
  • Media URL
  • Captions

It is crucial to highlight that we do not collect additional information, such as login data, and we do not interfere with any content on your profile. Meta, being strict in the approval of applications, allows us to receive only profile and media data via API after specific profile authorization.

TikTok Data Collection I

n the case of TikTok, we send an invitation for the influencer to accept joining the TikTok Content Creator Marketplace (TTCM) platform, especially if they are not yet part of TTCM. For profiles already part of TTCM, sending an invitation is not necessary. This approach aims to ensure transparency and the influencer’s consent before any data collection. We respect privacy policies and adhere to TikTok’s strict guidelines to ensure a safe and reliable experience for all users.


Our services can only be used with the completion of the complete registration of users, by over 18 years or by their guardians. The registration will serve as a way to guarantee the safety of users, insofar as it is necessary for us to identify you due to the prohibition of anonymity, and to prevent abuse, since you can comment on some news in our base and so that you are not offended or , if offended, we can identify that person;

When registering, the user must inform the minimum data requested, or register, where they can beGoogle or Apple account data is used. If the user does not agree with any of the information to be provided, he should not proceed. Such data will be used to ensure the security of all users and the platform, and will remain stored with us for as long as your registration is active, and as long as you do not request its deletion from our database. This data will not be passed on to anyone. If you proceed, we will understand that you have agreed to all the rules of this term and the agreement, as well as the privacy policies in force;

At any time you will be able to access your profile using your login and password and verify what data you have entered, and you will be able to make the updates, corrections that you deem necessary. If you choose to delete your data, you will also delete your registration and will not be able to access our services;

The technical data to which we will have access are: type of browser, the type of equipment used and the operating system, connection provider, your IP – internet protocol, your approximate location.

During the validity of cookies, in no case will we collect or process data that are entered in forms completed on other sites, or information that is or will be typed by the user on their computer;


The USER may use the platform for the period and according to the chosen plan and payment. When choosing a payment method, the USER: (i) declares to be authorized to use it; (ii) declare that all payment information provided is true and accurate; (iii) authorize AIRSTRIP to charge you in accordance with the chosen payment method; (iv) authorizes the charging of any and all additional services that may be used by the USER, in accordance with the values ​​in force on the date of contracting or the first use or access, whichever occurs first;

The minimum configuration for using the web version is a computer with a minimum resolution of 1366×768, with any of the following browsers: Google Chrome version 40 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 40 or higher and Apple Safari 9 or higher. We do not guarantee perfect operation in other browsers;

The performance of HYPOLAKE may be affected depending on the amount of memory in the computer or cell phone, the use of processor and peripherals of different specifications, as well as the simultaneous use of other programs and internet access speed;

The services will be provided as-is, and are restricted to what is actually available at the time of access or use, including with regard to the information it has and stores. It is forbidden to make any modification to the platform or application by the USER, even for the purpose of incorporating improvements, upgrades or updates, which can only be carried out by AIRSTRIP, as the holder of the intellectual property rights of HYPOLAKE;

Although AIRSTRIP adopts the measures it has for the maintenance of its systems, occasional interruptions or interruptions of the program may occur in any of its versions, programmed or not, as with any online service, in which case AIRSTRIP will not be responsible for any loss that the USER may suffer as a result of said stops or interruptions;

The USER may grant access to the program to other users, as long as they are its employees, directors, administrators and representatives, with simultaneous access being prohibited, as well as the assignment of the USER’s access data to any third parties. If this occurs, it will be at the USER’s own risk and responsibility;

The USER is prohibited from licensing or sub licensing the use of the APP/Web, as well as its distribution, free or onerous assignment, loan, donation, lease, transfer, delivery in guarantee, payment in payment and total or partial disposal, in any capacity , free of charge, provisionally or permanently, without the prior and express consent of AIRSTRIP, under penalty of incurring a fine in the total value of the contract and immediate suspension of access;


We will use cookies, tags, metatags and other markers from our partners to anonymously track the navigation and traffic of users within the site, and this data will help our team and our partners to develop an environment with better advertising suggestions based on your browsing and your personal preferences and tastes, and this anonymous or anonymized data may eventually be transferred to third parties in Brazil, and the user agrees with this practice;

Access to the site will be preceded by the automatic installation of cookies, tags, metatags and other markers on the user’s equipment and browsers, which will not be able to identify him. Cookies, tags, metatags and other tags will remain active and will have validity that will vary according to the policy implemented by each of our partners;

If you want to stop tracking cookies, tags, metatags and other markers before they expire, you can, at any time, clear your browser’s cookies. If the user enters the site again, new cookies will be automatically installed on their computer, with a new validity. Clearing cookies does not end the user’s registration;

Under no circumstances will cookies be used to appropriate your personal or sensitive data, such as, but not limited to, your RG number, your CPF, landline telephone number, physical address, passwords, usernames, bank details, email addresses, and we will not have access to your email messages, whether open or not;

If the user chooses not to authorize the use of cookies, tags, metatags and other markers, or if he browses anonymously, his browsing cannot be tracked and some features of our website may not be fully enjoyed, since they depend on , always, tracking users to ensure the security of applications;

If you are using our services from one of the countries where the GDPR – European General Data Protection Regulation is applicable, you should be aware that we collect and use data private personal data, such as general registration number, mobile or landline phone number, but we will not pass this data on to anyone else;

We will not store the websites you browsed or store your history or even pass this history on to third parties. The sites visited will be analyzed through the use of cookies, tags, metatags and other installed markers or other types of markers that are used by the site or by our partners, and it is not possible to know the content accessed or read what was accessed;


The use of cookies, tags, meta tags and other markers will serve to deliver you better quality ads and more rights. The advertisements displayed within the pages of the site are and will be provided by our partners and by our advertisers, and our team does not participate in their development, creation or negotiation, and is not obliged to deliver any goods or services that may be acquired by the its users, since this acquisition takes place outside the Airstrip environment, without its interference at any level, much less receiving commissions of any kind;


If the user is interested, after terminating his contract with us, he may request the deletion of all his data from our database by sending a message to [email protected]. While your registration is active, it is not possible to delete your data;

Requests for deletion of the data collected will be answered within 72 working hours of the request, except for the permanence of data for up to 3 years, in a separate and confidential database;

By virtue of Brazilian legislation, all traffic data referring to the user’s navigation within our site, and the minimum data that can identify him, will be kept for a period of 3 years. This data will not be accessed by third parts of any kind, and will remain stored in an independent system not accessible to the external public;

You can correct your data provided through direct access to your registration, without the intervention of Airstrip;


We will not collect or store any type of data considered sensitive or economic from users, but only and only data requested in the registration, and we will only keep them under our control. This data will be used so that we can be sure that the user is who they say they are;

Pursuant to law 13,709/2018, all data obtained may be processed so that they are included in an Airstrip S/A. database, and we may send you advertising and news about our other products, paid or free, and if you no longer wish to receive these messages, you can unsubscribe at any time. In addition, we may send you SMS messages or other instant messaging applications, and from other products, and you hereby authorize such receipt;

In case of unauthorized access or accidental or unlawful situations of loss, alteration, disclosure or any other type of incident that allows data communication, regardless of the reason that has caused it, we will communicate in writing, within 24 hours of the incident being reported. , all our users and the ANPD, containing at least the following information: (i) date and time of the incident; (ii) date and time of acknowledgment by the Parts; (iii) list of data types affected by the incident; (iv) certain or estimated number of affected holders; (v) contact details of the data protection officer and/or other person from whom it is possible to obtain further information about the incident; (vi) description of the possible consequences of the incident; and (vii) indication of measures being taken to repair the damage and prevent further incidents. If the responsible Parts does not have all the information listed here at the time of sending the communication, it must send it gradually, in order to ensure the greatest possible celerity;

We will not collect or process data considered sensitive by the General Data Protection Law, and from minors or children;

Your data collected or that may be collected may change if there are changes in Brazilian or international laws, or if we have to comply with judicial or administrative orders from Official Bodies in Brazil, or if we think it is necessary to update these policies. In that case, we will issue a notice within our websites informing you of these changes;

The data collected will only be used within the scope of Airstrip’s activities and operations, and will not be transferred, unless there is a request from a Brazilian authority. Also, we may store other data if we identify abusive use of our services or possible practice of crimes or criminal activities and disruption of our services or offenses to other users, which may later be passed on to the competent authorities;


You are solely responsible for the information you provide when using our services. If we identify that false or incorrect data were used, we may cancel your registration and delete the data provided, with the exception that all will be stored for a minimum period of 3 years, in a separate platform;

If you are accepting these terms on behalf or in a relationship of responsibility of a minor, you are responsible for all acts performed by him, and you must take all measures to ensure that the content that the minor is accessing and the your navigation, without any liability of Airstrip;

We are not responsible for damages of any nature caused by third parties who may have access to your application from your access data or profile. We are also not responsible for access, interception, elimination, alteration, modification or manipulation of files owned by the USER, when resulting from access by unauthorized third parts by you;

AIRSTRIP reserves the right to replace, modify or withdraw the app from the market, at its sole discretion, if as a result of technological evolution, the HYPOLAKE becomes outdated or no longer suitable for the purpose for which it was developed, or for any other reason, at AIRSTRIP’s sole discretion;

We will adopt the best practices within our power to provide a compatible level of privacy and data security, keeping your servers and systems up to date and using physical or logical tools and devices, however, we cannot guarantee absolute and total inviolability of data as a result of conducts that can be attributed to the actions of hackers, crackers or the like, whether private or official, or as a result of unknown, undisclosed failures or for which the app’s producers have not yet developed adequate and tested protection or adjustment;


Any legal action that Airstrip may suffer for violation of any of the rights and duties contained in these policies and the legislation in force, will subject the violator to be sued in Brazil to bear all procedural and extra-procedural expenses and costs, attorney fees and all costs inherent to the process, without prejudice to criminal liability;


If you have any questions about our terms of use and service, or even about your registration data, you can send an email to [email protected], that we will assist you in making the decisions and attitudes that you think are best. We will take all possible measures so that we can respond to your inquiries within 48 business hours;


These usage and service policies are effective immediately and do not have a minimum or maximum duration, and their effects will continue until they are changed or replaced by another that has or does not have the same characteristics, always respecting the Brazilian legislation in force;

If these policies change, we will inform you. All provisions contained herein will remain valid even after the user terminates his registration or clears his browser’s cache and deletes cookies, tags, metatags and other markers;


All data collected and processed will be carried out under the rules in force in Brazil, and will respect the laws of this country. However, as we always respect all international provisions, we will take measures so that, as far as possible and not in conflict with Brazilian Law, we are in compliance with the International Legal Order, notably the RGPD – European General Data Protection Regulation, but in any case, the provisions of Brazilian legislation must first be observed and respected;

Any dispute resulting from the provisions dealt with herein, from its content, or any matter related or similar to it, will be governed solely and exclusively by Brazilian law, and the Curitiba District Court will be elected for the resolution of any claim, with exclusion of any other, however privileged it may be;

If one or more provisions contained herein is declared void or unenforceable, as long as it does not taint or nullify the entirety of this document, it will not affect the validity and application of the remainder, the remaining unaffected remaining sound for all purposes.