Gain insights from your campaign with Global Analytics

Gain insights from your campaign with Global Analytics

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Google Analytics

Social data

Possibility of creating link track, to understand the traffic of your influencers posts.

In addition, we present  the total conversion and also the efforts of every single influencer.

Here you don’t have to be held hostage by measurements that third parties send you.


data analysis

Track campaigns

Add the influencers, official hashtags and social networks you want to anticipate in your campaign and the rest we do for you. We present a report with all the measurements of your campaign. You need to ask the influencer for a request to access their stories.

SOcial Network


Ask the influencer for the Instagram opt-in and get access to the story metrics.


SOcial Network


Integrated with TikTok. See how your TikTok content creators are performing in your influencer campaign.

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