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Analyze campaign: hashtags

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How to analyze the performance data of a Campaign with Hashtags?

Learn what each titles means in your hashtags performance chart.

Compare the performance of different Hashtags linked in your campaign.

Where to find it?

Step 1. Locate and click under the button on the left side of your screen referring to the “campaigns” page as represented in the image below.

Step 2. On this screen you will see your campaigns. 

Step 2.1. Find a campaign with one of the following goals:

  • hashtag

O objetivo está identificado no topo esquerdo de cada card de campanha como na imagem a seguir:

Passo 2.2. Em seguida, selecione uma campanha clicando no botão “Analyze campaign” no canto inferior direito do card. 

Step 3. Find the chart with the following title: “Performance of Campaign Hashtags on Social Media”.

Now let’s understand each of the items.

Item 1. Total posts by hashtag 

Know the number of posts that are mentioning each of your hashtags.

Item 2. Total interactions

Understand the number of interactions (likes, reactions, shares, etc.) that posts that mentioned your hashtags are generating.

Item 3. Engagement rate

This is the estimated number of engagement your campaign is having. In other words, how many percent of the people who viewed your campaign are interacting with it.

Item 4. Chart

On the vertical, the representation in numbers of each of the hashtags. Horizontally, each of the hashtags are presented.