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Instagram Stories: How to create a campaign with Stories?

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Analyze a campaign with Instagram Stories

Make the default configuration of your campaign, when you go to add the influencers you will find besides the field for adding the information of posts/video the field of hired stories. Remember that post/video includes images, carousel and reels. Fill in the correct amount of investment and click “add” to include the influencer in the campaign.

*The total investment accounted for will be the sum of the amounts invested in posts/videos + stories in that profile.

IMPORTANT: In order to have access to the influencer’s story data, it is necessary that he/she is logged in.

Then, in the list of added influencers, a share icon will be available next to the registered influencer’s information, after the connection a status appears indicating that the influencer has been connected.

Click on the button “Request connect” and it will copy a link to share with your contracted influencers. With the link, they will connect and be connected to your campaign.

Once the connection is made, the connected influencers will have the Connected status in the “Connect” column: